Feb 22, 2013

Guyism: Partying drunk versus partying sober

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thumbnail Partying drunk versus partying sober
Feb 22nd 2013, 14:40

Everyone know people who claim they don’t need to drink to have fun. While they might not be lying, I refuse to believe that everything isn’t more fun while drunk. Jimmy Tatro agrees with me, too.

I wish this wasn’t so incredibly accurate. Lowered inhibitions are a big part of having a great night partying, but that’s not the biggest issue. If you’ve ever gone to parties at which all your friends are drunk but you are sober, you quickly realize how annoying they all are. It’s not that I assume you have irritating friends; it’s just that drunk people are always annoying. Apparently some people can execute Achilles style jump punches though, which is pretty awesome.

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