Feb 19, 2013

Guyism: It’s best that this ‘Star Wars’ fighting game got canned

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thumbnail It's best that this 'Star Wars' fighting game got canned
Feb 19th 2013, 18:40

Because a Star Wars game based around lightsabers, one that lacks flying limbs, is just no buys.

Polygon recent dug up footage of some unnamed Star Wars lightsaber-dueling game that never got past the tech demo face. And as you can see, it was for the best…

As if it needs to be pointed out, but it has been well established that lightsabers cut through pretty much anything (especially flesh) like a hot knife through butter, so anything less in any game is fairly pointless and dumb.

Which is precisely why the very first attempt at a Star Wars fighting game, which actually did get published, for the PSone, was so stupid…

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